Hi, I’m Alex. I like working on “firsts,” like...

  • the first fully-accredited digital-native institute of higher education for medicine
  • the first online programme for healthcare leaders on precision medicine
  • the first global online development program for
    teachers, with 6000 participating educators from around the world
  • the first designer-oriented curated jewellery platform in the CEE
  • the first(ish) digital agency that uses tech, art and psychology to build engaged communities around products and ideas
  • the first collaborative online corporate innovation program of scale
  • the first consumer-oriented modular aeroponics planter regulating all key variables (back before it was cool)

And much of the time, I pull off these “firsts.” Find out more about these projects here.

Top 100 Global Leader in Education (2019), I'm committed to education and lifelong learning, spending my days rethinking how medical education should be thought, how technology can open access to quality education worldwide and how didactic innovation can empower novel ways of serving learners. I’m experienced in creating and delivering educational programs both for students and professionals, in academic as well as corporate contexts. I’m skilled in edtech, operations management, finance and enjoyed the startup experience of building something out of nothing.

Today, I'm EDU's Chief Operating Officer, the first digital-native academic instituion in Europe. Here, I'm responsible for operations across the portfolio companies and education programmes of EDU (Digital Education Holdings. Ltd), including operational models, driving diactic innovation, technology learning content production, operations, new programme development and management and business development.

This blog is all about thoughts, ideas, projects and everything in between.

Get in touch with me via email here, on LinkedIn or Instagram.

-Alexandra Cosma