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I’ve never been much of an outspoken patriot, but now I get to be ridiculously proud of myself and of my native country. Yesterday I successfully launched PISA4U - the global programme for teacher development. In an absolute world premier, more than 6000 teachers worldwide from almost 170 countries will be receiving mentorship and expert support for free with the goal of solving problems within their community. From these 170 countries, the largest number of teachers comes from Romania - almost 10%!

Imagine this - almost 500 Romanian teachers have signed up to intensively collaborate within the next 3 months on finding solutions to the everyday problems they face in their schools. This is over 300 schools showing commitment and dedication towards innovative improvement.

While I did indeed make sure to create awareness about pisa4u within my native country, the interest for development coming from Romanian teachers was tangibly stronger than other nationality. #megaproud!