Many of the projects I work for are of a political nature and thus confidential, but here's some I can tell you about:

Current Projects

Digital Education Holdings (Chief Digital Learning Officer) - EDU is Europe's innovative and accessible digital learning system. EDU is currently preparing for the launch of multiple fully-accredited online Academic Degree Programmes in fields of high impact.

Recent Projects

PISA4U (concept, project management, funding, promotion) - The Online Programme for School improvement presents the opportunity for educational practitioners to learn from one another, drive change within school systems from the ground up and create a global database of educational resources, developed by practitioners for practitioners. Ran for the OECD, with the Hewlett Foundation, DT Stiftung, America Achieves, Teach For All and others. 5000 participants worldwide.

House of Treasure (co-owner, exited) - designer-oriented curated jewellery platform in the CEE. Currently focusing on jewellery portfolio development and expansion in the DACH region.

Magenta I & II (project manager) - online corporate innovation program for Deutsche Telekom, bringing together around 3,000 DT worldwide DT employees to work on innovative business ideas and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

Solutions and Innovation Skills (project manager) - original social learning event for European professionals on the topic of innovation offered with Zeppelin University and LLLight’n’Europe.

Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations I & II (project manager) - online collaborative program for managers in the arts field, with Goethe-Institut. Over 20,000 participants in each program iteration. (journalist, editor) - Magazine raising awareness about entrepreneurship and financing opportunities in the CEE. Covered tech and biotech startups & investments.

Read4Study (project manager) - an online collaborative intervention program for refugees with the aim of helping them secure their first jobs or get into university in Germany. Hosted with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

BeginGreen (founder) - a modular aeroponics plant grower for at-home use, integrated in IKEA kitchen units. Prototype never performed as expected.

Pitch your Passion (co-founder, host) - an event series taking place in Austria where anyone from the audience could step up on stage and share their passion (not their business) within 3 minutes. 100+ regular attendees per event.

… and other education programs.