Sensitive to the impact and needs of an ageing population, we at EDU are launching a free accredited online program for societal leaders and policy makers to shape an age-friendly world.

Catalyzed by the 2017 WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health, this course equips participants with the knowledge they need to tackle the challenges associated with an ageing population, innovate and break down the rigid thinking currently preventing the development of integrated care and age-friendly environments.

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Why is basic education and a strategy for healthy ageing paramount?

Populations around the globe are rapidly ageing, with some of the fastest change occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

As people age, their health needs tend to become more complex with a general trend towards declining capacity and the increased likelihood of having one or more chronic diseases. Health services are often designed to cure acute conditions or symptoms and tend to manage health issues in disconnected and fragmented ways that lack coordination across care providers, settings and time.

Health systems need to be transformed so that they can ensure affordable access to evidence-based medical interventions that respond to the needs of older people and can help prevent care dependency later in life. Systems of long-care as well as inclusive and non-discriminative social environments are paramount to building a foundation for people's lives to unfold into old age in keeping with strong health and well-being.

Promoting healthy ageing, and building systems to meet the needs of older adults, will be sound investments in a future where older people have the freedom to be and do what they value. Thus, the Healthy Ageing course will bring together a group of policy makers, hospital administrators, civic society members, health professionals, and curious minds into small teams for a collaborative digital learning experience to tackle these issues with ingenious solutions, ready to be put into practice.