After years of work and slow but monumental progress, I'm excited that the first truly digital medical school is now open! In June 2018, EDU was accredited as an institute of higher education focused on bringing educational opportunities to the regions where they are most needed. We do this by combining innovative digital learning formats, expert support from the world’s best minds and mentored practical experiences.

With this accreditation, EDU is the first truly digital institute of higher education in Europe and the first truly digital medical program in the world - a first step along the mission of bringing quality education where it's most needed.

Innovative forms of online didactics allow us to innovate how teaching is done, bring world class expertise to students no matter where they are located and be relentless about continuous quality improvement. Removing traditional barriers in educational delivery enables us to education materials up to date with the pace of progress. What is more, it allows us to put even more emphasis of practical experience by empowering students to do clinical rotations in teaching hospitals near them.

To learn more, take a look at the announcement and press here or find out how to study medicine in this novel format here.