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Recently I started re-reading some of my published essays from 2 years ago on the plight of the over-achieving millennial with too much talent and potential for his/her own good. I still cherish those of you who connected with me then on the basis of our shared trajectories.

Looking back, we’re still all pretty much in the same place. In the midst of this chaos of constant work and excitement that’s taken over my life in the last year, I’m still struggling to learn to carve out time for “nothingness” without surrendering to the #fomo mood. The stakes have grown but our crazy prioritisation frameworks are unyielding.

In our circles, it’s easy to be seduced by the “stay hungry”, “work hard, play hard” culture. It’s no surprise that inviting contentment and self-indulgence in our daily lives looks a lot like being complacent. Our little filter bubble demands complete commitment.

But hey, don’t stop fighting for your peace of mind with the same ferocity you fights for your goals. Take that stupid 10 minute break without the guilt. No-one cares you’re now too old for the 25 under 25 lists… Toast the new integrations, even though the landing page crashed. It’s not the big decisions, epic moments and monumental goals that break us. It’s all the little ones.

Exporting this picture twas surreal. It feel like I’ve been taking this exact same photo again and again in different places, with the same elusive moral I keep chasing - Chill the f*** down.